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Five Fathoms

Purple mist demo Five Fathoms.mp3

Seven Fathoms

Purple mist demo 7 Fathoms w drums.mp3

Purple Mist

50 Mod Wheel Presets by Scrubbing Monkeys

Purple Mist was from the outset designed to inspire. Designed to give a foundation in which to build upon. Most pieces have a rhythmic element and respond quite differently to different tempos. Experiment.

This bank is a bit more sophisticated in that most presets are multi layered. In most the preset's Mod Wheel fades in a completely different layer of sound, composed of additional oscillators, modulations and rhythmic textures.

Another feature of Purple Mist is that each preset has been EQed to better personalize its own sound. Sometimes taking on a completely different character.

Unlike most Scrubbing Monkey sound design this one uses a fixed velocity in most cases. This allows for a more constant pallet in which to create.

21 Pads, 20 Bass, 4 Keys, 4 Leads, 1 Rhythmic.