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Agreesive edges Key demo.wav


Agreesive edges PAD 1 demo.wav

Sequences, Leads and fx


Aggressive Edges

62 Aggressive Presets by Scrubbing Monkeys

Aggressive edges is just that. Sounds with high energy, thick textures and rich in harmonic content.

Each preset was meticulously crafted to be dynamically playable and mix ready. All presets are very close in volume and allow sufficient head room to further process if necessary. All sounds include mod wheel, channel pressure and front panel modulations.

This bank is a great way to learn your way around Fathom's wave draw and wave table oscillators. Most of the patches oscillators consist of either custom wave tables, unique wave-forms or in some cases both. These wave tables and waves-forms can be stored separately and used in your own creations.

The category breakdown is as follows

5 leads, 11 basses, 12 keys, 24 pads, 2 organs, 2 brass, 3 sequences, 3 sound effects