As the name implies these were tracks that were entered into the KVR One Synth Challenge contest. On the first day of the month KVR announces which virtual software synth is to be used to create your track. All sounds for the track must come the synth of the month. You can use as many instances as like. You can use most free software to mix your track. You are limited to free software so that everyone has access to the same tools. You have to write your track, create the sounds for it and produce it before the end of the month. Here are a few of Scrubbing monkey entries. As much as I enjoy this competition and would like to compete every month. The time effort and energy to participate is quite consuming. A big shout out to all those that do compete and contribute month in and month out. Too many names to mention here. There is some incredible music that has been done over the years. You can listen to any and all of it here .

Synth used

Togu Audio Line's U No Lx


Synth used

Waldorf's PPG 2v

Parsects Per Gallon.mp3

Synth used

Seaweed Audio's Fathom